BLACKIE & THE OOHOOS, c’est un conte de fées électrisant et déchirant dont les harmonies séductrices et les mélodies hantées laissent sans voix. Un répertoire pop-folk alternatif fantomatique teinté des influences de Beach House, Beth Gibbons and Mazzy Star.
“Blackie & The Oohoos is a sinister spectacle; music that carves into open wounds without remorse and at the very same time cures your soul. They will carry your heartache and become your lover.” (Humo) “No matter how fragile, intimate and sweet their songs sound at first, they often conceal something stiffling and mysterious. An intense album with more than enough spooky and desolate traits to get your attention and a sound that since “Twin Peaks” automatically reminds us of David Lynch.” (Cobra) “Psychedellic dreampop filled with hidden tension, in a dark and unreal atmosphere. Song for two Sisters has become an endearing and addictive album.” (De Standaard) “Song for two Sisters is a long poetic trip into a twilight zone. Blackie & The Oohoos succeeed to turn indigestable nightmares, drifting reveries and vile phantoms into 9 breathtaking songs.” (Cutting Edge)   Du son, ici! Site web Page Facebook hr meisjes 2

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